About Us

Lightroom Studios is staffed with creative professionals. We are committed to exceptional service and rich storytelling. We love to tell stories that surpass “average”, or “good enough”. Storytelling is an art and getting to know you and your story to tell it through photos and videos is a privilege. We are committed to working and communicating with you personally every step of the way. Gathering a clear understanding of your expectations is crucial to us. We hope that through working with us you can see that we love what we do! Let’s make art together.

About Your Investment

When you invest in a Lightroom Studios photo or video package, you get a unique product crafted just for you. We have worked extremely hard to build great value into our pricing and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our packages. We have created a comfortable studio atmosphere with which to meet with you and discuss your needs. Let’s talk about what your wedding day has in store.

About our Photography

Lightroom Studios boasts an incredible staff of experienced and creative photographers all with a passion for visual storytelling. Whether you need photos of your big day, a family portrait, or an event. We are committed to delivering quality images that stand out and will last forever.


  • The Start: Depending on your needs, we may begin with a “formal” consult in the studio or an “informal” consult over the phone. We like to speak with our clients and get to know them in order to understand what they are looking for.
  • The Game Plan: Communicating and working hand in hand with our clients is the key to establishing strong shooting schedules from an in-studio session to an event.
  • Making Great Photos Even Better: We are capable of stylizing your photos in a way that makes them distinct and special. If this is something you are interested in, please discuss this during your consult. We also offer print services, custom photo books, canvases and more!

About our Video Production

Starting from small single camera promotional shoots to large scale commercial productions, our crews of talented and innovative visual strorytellers look to push the boundaries of film making.


  • Pre-Production: Communication is key. We will work together to identify the goals of the video that we will be producing together. We will create treatments, storyboards, and developing a shot list to help organize ideas and themes in a way that achieves the goals of the video. A shooting schedule will be made for each video. Shooting schedules will include locations, times, dates, and people we will interview (if needed).
  • Production: With the right crew and the right gear anything is possible. Lightroom Studios utilizes cutting edge equipment to deliver up to 4K resolution content to clients. 4K ensures use of video for years to come. Whether it is a simple one camera promotional video or a full commercial shoot, our team of professionals will make sure all set goals are met.
  • Post-Production: Capturing your footage in multiple drives to protect your content is a top priority. Throughout the editing process, we look back to the goals of the video and edit the video together in a way that clearly demonstrates those goals. After we have color corrected and mixed audio, we compress your video to a friendly format and size appropriate for your intended use.